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Philosophy of Leadership Development by Tommy Kiedis, Ph.D.

This article serves as a summary of my leadership development efforts. 

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Eight Steps To Transforming Your Organization by John P. Kotter

Organizations that hope to survive long-term need to embrace change. In this article, Kotter, walks us through eight important steps in transforming your organization.

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Theological Foundations of Leadership and Education by Tommy Kiedis, Ph.D.



Sidestepping 5 Communication Pitfalls That Trap Vision by The Vision Room

Effective communication is absolutely critical to creating movement toward your vision. The Vision Room provides help with this article.


My Love-Hate Relationship With “Vision” by Mike Bonem

Coach, consultant, speaker, and author, Mike Bonem, shares 4 common vision-related diseases that the church suffers from.


To Lead, Create A Shared Vision by James M. Kouzes and Barry Posner

Followers want a leader with a compelling vision of the future! In this article, Kouzes and Posner share their thoughts on how to create shared vision.


Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail by John P. Kotter

In this article, Kotter utilizes his research of 100 companies, across 10 years, to show us the 8 largest errors when it comes to organizational change.


Building Your Company’s Vision by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras

In this article, Collins and Porras share on the importance of companies mastering the discovery process to identifying their core ideology in which to link their vision to.