Gospel-Centered Leadership


Gospel-Centered Leadership is a brand new book -- and an excellent piece of work -- by Steve Timmis.

In this post I'll share a brief overview of Steve's book, a few excerpts, and a link to where you can get the first chapter for free.

Gospel-Centered Leadership
Gospel-Centered Leadership

Who Is Steve Timmis?

I met Steve a few months back while he was in the U.S., doing some work for the church planting network, Acts 29. Steve lives in England. He is the co-founder of The Crowded House, an international group of church planting networks, and the co-director of the Porterbrook Network, an initiative that trains church planters. He is also the director of Acts 29 in Western Europe, and the co-author of Total Churchand Everyday Church, both of which I have read and recommend. Steve is a husband, father, and grandfather.

What Is Gospel-Centered Leadership

In Gospel-Centered Leadership, Steve writes: "In the person of Jesus Christ, we have a unique and compelling model of leadership and the supreme example of authentic and effective leadership."

This is a book that will help you think through how the gospel of Jesus Christ gives shape, color and texture to leadership. The book is comprised of fourteen short and easy-to-read chapters. It is theologically solid and very practical.

10 Great Quotes From Gospel-Centered Leadership

  1. On leadership models: "Leadership among the people of God, in any context, should be modeled on that Jesus."
  2. On being people focused: "Leadership is a people business, so a key question to ask of potential leaders is a simple one: do they genuinely love people."
  3. On integrity: "Integrity means that there is no difference between who we are in private and who we are in public."
  4. On fearing God: "Whatever we fear will shape and define our life. That is why fearing the Lord is the main element of wisdom."
  5. On self-importance: "The constant danger facing those in leadership is a sense of their own importance."
  6. On example: "Leadership is always about encouraging people to do what I do, and not simply to hear and do what I say."
  7. On servant leadership: "Being a servant defines leadership. It is not about any single act I perform but the overall character of my leadership."
  8. On the need to be liked: "Our need to be liked is also a form of idolatry. We choose not to confront someone because we want them to like us, when the most loving thing to do would be to challenge them about a certain attitude or behavior."
  9. On humility: "True humility is a sober assessment of your gifts and your vulnerabilities."
  10. On depending on God: "Through inexperience or pride, leaders can overstretch themselves thinking that they themselves are to be a 'savior' of God's people. They believe it is up to them to make people godly, to sort out their problems, to rescue them from disaster. They get caught in a cycle of crippling workloads, a stressful sense of responsibility for others, and guilt and despair when they fail.... Instead, leaders need a quiet confidence in Jesus to rule through His word, by His Spirit."

My Recommendation

In Gospel-Centered Leadership, Steve Timmis takes us to the intersection where theology meets practice to show us how God forms everyday people into leaders for His church. Along the way he counsels us about how leadership works, but more importantly how God works in us as leaders. His chapters on wisdom and authority are gems, but I would buy the book just for his thoughts on "Where Have All The Good Men Gone?"

How You Can Find Out More

Just click here and you'll be directed to a page where you can get the first chapter of Gospel-Centered Leadership for free.

I really benefited from Gospel-Centered Leadership. It is the kind of book that you can and should go back to again and again. God has used it to shape my leadership. And it is a great as a tool I can also use to equip others.