On My Walk (Creativity)

Every leader must foster an environment
conducive to creativity and innovation within their organizations.
— Michael A. Roberto

Once again, I was listening to Professor Michael A. Roberto on my walk. Roberto is the Trustee Professor of Management at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. He also taught at the Harvard Business School for a number of years. Roberto highlighted six myths about creativity in the workplace:

Six Myths About What Drives Creativity:

  1. Creativity comes from creative types.
    Actually, you don't need to be a genius to be creative.
  2. Money is a creativity motivator.
    Actually, people value a work environment where creativity is valued.
  3. Time pressure fuels creativity.
    Actually, research shows the opposite. People need time to be creative.
  4. Fear forces breakthroughs.
    Actually, happiness breeds creativity.
  5. Competition beats collaboration.
    Actually, competition inhibits sharing information and lack of information inhibits creativity.
  6. A streamlined organization is a creative organization.
    Actually, creativity suffers during a downsizing.

Have you bought into one of these myths? If so, what needs to change? What will you do to help your organization become more creative?

You can discover more about the place of creativity in transformational leadership by looking at Professor Roberto's Great Courses Program referenced below.