Churchill And Dunkirk: Finding Victory Inside Defeat

Churchill And Dunkirk: Finding Victory Inside Defeat


Leaders, here is a tool that will help you guide your organization through the tough times.  

Leadership is exhilarating, but it is also full of downturns and disappointments. The good news is that leaders can find victory inside their “defeats.” Winston Churchill shows us how. Churchill’s leadership during the battle and evacuation at Dunkirk provides eleven principles for leaders intent on making progress in the face of peril.

Reflecting on Dunkirk, Winston Churchill said, “Wars are not won by evacuations. But there was a victory inside this deliverance, which should be noted.” In Churchill And Dunkirk: Finding Victory Inside Defeat, Tommy Kiedis combs Churchill’s account to chronicle that “victory.” More importantly he reveals how every leader can apply the principles of Churchill’s leadership to his or her own leadership challenges. 

In this brief but power-packed tool you’ll discover important principles like “losing to win” and the necessity of launching your own Mosquito Armada. You will find out why General Spears was invaluable for Churchill and who plays General Spears on your team. This is historical insight with leadership application.

Millions of people are fascinated by the events at Dunkirk, but like Churchill leaders leverage the episode to find the victory inside their defeat. This tool will help. 

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History is a great teacher of truth, perhaps the best. Tommy Kiedis helps leaders advance through adversity with practical leadership reflections born of Winston Churchill’s well-documented resolve from the pages of WWII accounts. Finding Victory Inside Defeat reminds me once again of the Augustinian phrase that ‘all truth is God’s truth.’
— Dr. Peter Teague, President, Lancaster Bible College/Capital Seminary & Graduate School
To ‘encourage’ simply means ‘to infuse courage into the life of another.’ This leadership tool will do exactly that in your life. It will infuse courage into you as you move through the challenges and defeating experiences of leadership. Personally, as I read through this resource, I found myself encouraged again and again to keep going, to never give up, and to remain resolute. From the words and life of Winston Churchill, used to illustrating critically important biblical principles, Kiedis delivers a resource that will give you a fresh perspective on those most difficult experiences of leadership.
— Dr. Gary Bredfeldt, Author, Professor, Christian Leadership and Church Ministries Liberty University
We often hear and use the word FEEDBACK. Many times what we need is FeedFORWARD information/input. In Finding Victory Inside Defeat, you and/or your team, will have a well outlined strategy to ‘snatch a Victory from the jaws of a defeat!’
— Bob Schuemann, Life Coach, Former Director of The Gathering-Palm Beach
As a Brit growing up in the UK I can honestly say that Winston Churchill is the most highly regarded statesman and leader of all time. I strongly believe his ability to unite the government, the military, and the entire population stands out above all others. In Churchill And Dunkirk, Tommy Kiedis taps into Churchill’s wisdom to identify principles for how to act in a unified manner in time of need. This work can be an inspiration to us all.
— Andy Gifford, General Manager, Telemar Yachting