Churchill's Paintbrush - PDF

Churchill's Paintbrush - PDF


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How does a leader refill his/her constantly draining bucket? The answer is in Churchill’s Paintbrush. In this insightful and practical tool, Tommy Kiedis helps leaders identify the areas of their lives that deplete them, and how they can adjust to find replenishment, and begin to lead with joy, stamina, and peace.

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About the 3 Hour Retreat Series

The 3 Hour Retreat is a series of highly practical leadership development tools designed to help you maximize and multiply your one and only life. Each book in this series addresses one principle leaders must master for personal effectiveness. Fascinating people, essential theory, and careful biblical insight are blended in ways that help you build and refine your leadership capacity and capability. The 3 Hour Retreat is a manageable dose of insight and practical application that will improve your life and leadership. You will be feeling the difference every day.

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