The Plimsoll Line - PDF

The Plimsoll Line - PDF


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How does a leader stay afloat and on course in the high seas of a busy life? The answer is in the Plimsoll Line. In this insightful and practical tool, Tommy Kiedis helps leaders wrestle with the essential issue of capacities. No leader can do it all. That’s why every leader must be able to understand, evaluate and leverage his or her unique capacities. The Plimsoll Line will help you “draw the line” that leads to personal and organizational vitality.

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About the 3 Hour Retreat Series

The 3 Hour Retreat is a series of highly practical leadership development tools designed to help you maximize and multiply your one and only life. Each book in this series addresses one principle leaders must master for personal effectiveness. Fascinating people, essential theory, and careful biblical insight are blended in ways that help you build and refine your leadership capacity and capability. The 3 Hour Retreat is a manageable dose of insight and practical application that will improve your life and leadership. You will be feeling the difference every day.

Good versus Good. Leadership decisions most often are decisions between good things. Leaders must ask, “How much can I take on? How many directions can I go? What is the maximum load I can carry? Is there a measurement for my limits?”

Once a leader has answers to these questions the obvious issue remains: what help can I find to make the best decisions for good? Tommy Kiedis gives answers which are biblical, devotional, practical, specific, and personal to what all leaders face.

Christian leaders know difficult decisions about good begin with themselves. Pressured by pride and prestige, sins-of-self originate in delusions of godhood. Believing we can do all, control all, be all is the essence of leadership failure. Doing good begins with being good. Tommy encourages good decisions by understanding the best and worst of ourselves.
— Mark Eckel, Ph.D., President, The Comenius Institue; Professor of Leadership, Education & Discipleship for Capital Seminary & Graduate School; Author of When The Lights Go Down
The Plimsoll Line is evidence of the good stewardship and faithfulness of its author, Dr. Tommy Kiedis. In a wonderfully concise and highly appealing format, The Plimsoll Line offers its reader a solid biblical foundaGon, an excellent opportunity to learn from history, and a much-needed personal assessment to keep leaders healthy and focused on their unique calling. This resource will serve effectively both the up-and-coming leader as well as those who have been in the trenches for decades.
— Timothy Koller, Associate Dean of Program Innovation and Extension Education; Director of the Leadership Program at Denver Seminary