The Leader's Magic Hour - PDF

The Leader's Magic Hour - PDF


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How does a leader capture the time needed to be at his/her leadership best? The answer is in the “Magic Hour.” In this insightful and practical tool, Tommy Kiedis helps leaders identify and capture the essential blocks of time they need to maximize and multiply their lives and leadership.

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About the 3 Hour Retreat Series

The 3 Hour Retreat is a series of highly practical leadership development tools designed to help you maximize and multiply your one and only life. Each book in this series addresses one principle leaders must master for personal effectiveness. Fascinating people, essential theory, and careful biblical insight are blended in ways that help you build and refine your leadership capacity and capability. The 3 Hour Retreat is a manageable dose of insight and practical application that will improve your life and leadership. You will be feeling the difference every day.

Every master craftsman knows having the right tool for the task at hand is essential. My good friend Tommy Kiedis adds to my 44-year toolbox collection with The Leader’s Magic Hour, a personal tool for honing valuable leadership focus.
— Dr. Peter Teague, President, Lancaster Bible College
Dr. Tommy Kiedis is one of the most thoughtful, disciplined and consistent leaders I know. This book is filled with his insights and application that will strengthen your leadership in remarkable ways.
— Jon Tyson, Author of Sacred Roots and The Burden is Light
Tommy Kiedis has developed a brilliant, unique, and essential tool for the church and her leaders. This must-read will prove to be impactful and inspirational for any leader in any context. Read this primer and learn from one of the best.
— Doug Logan, Lead Pastor Epiphany Fellowship Camden, Vice Chairman Act 29 Network, Author of On The Block
Whether a CEO or an emerging leader, The Leader’s Magic Hour is thought-provoking, challenging, and powerful. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, the content is easily teachable and transferrable.
— Rob Morris, Owner/Operator Chick-fil-A
As a leader, I spend most of my time helping others grow and develop. Ironically, this means I’m regularly neglecting my own growth and development. The Leader’s Magic Hour helped me identify where I most need to grow in this season and helped me set a plan to not neglect it anymore.
— Ken Lippold, Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training
Tommy brings a thoughtful and practical approach to tackling leadership challenges. I would strongly recommend the 3 Hour Retreat for Leaders that are serious about developing their skills and strengthening their organizations.
— Kevin McKinnon, McKinnon Wealth Management
Leaders should always being learning about themselves and their leadership role and execution. The Three Hour Retreat is that ticket!! A valuable tool that is concise, yet specific to make your time well spent and on target to help one grow.
— Bob Schuemann, Life Coach, Former Director of The Gathering-Palm Beach